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The SidTracker 64 is a complete chiptune production package for iPad. It features a new emulation of the SID soundchip found in the commodore 64, a sequencer, instrument editor including advanced wavetable editing and MIDI input with assignable controls for any control surface.

Tracker & Live Looping

Create chiptune music with the same creative tools as back in the days, but with the benefit of a modern user interface. Record live or step edit. Loop and create songs on the fly. Unlimited possibilites.

Midi & Connectivity

Play live and record using your midi keyboard and edit the sounds with assignable controls for any control surface. Instant gratification. Audiobus 2 and in-app audio supported for full integration with other iPad apps.


Many tricks were invented to fully exploit the possibilities of the SID ship, which has made it quite a bit different compared to what you might be used to. From basic subtractive analog synthesis to wavetables and filter tables controllable down to 1/240th of a second for micro sculpting that you probably haven’t experienced before.

SID power

No samples, no bullshit. This is the original SID-chip replicated to perfection. You can even export to play back on a real Commodore 64, should you feel the need for it. Do you make music for C64 demos? This works for you.

The ultimate chiptune experience

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Mail to info (at) sidtracker64 . com